How to order and enable the SWIFT India channel?
To enable the SWIFT India channel requires three simple steps:

•    Order – To order the necessary components for the SWIFT India channel simply complete the ordering process here
•    Implement – Once ordered, the SWIFT team will define an implementation plan in consultation with you
•    Test and go-live – Once SWIFT interfaces are deployed, the SWIFT team will coordinate tests with you and your counterparties, and manage your migration to go-live on the SWIFT India channel


To enable the SWIFT India channel to communicate with your counterparties, market infrastructures, regulators, corporate customers and more requires SWIFT SC software and services, and connectivity to the SWIFT India network. 

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Overview of SWIFT India enablement components


•    Domestic Business Identifier Code (BIC) – A domestic BIC is assigned to all customers of SWIFT India to uniquely identify the institution on the network. In the case of banks, their existing Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) can be used to uniquely identify the bank on the network.
•    FAQ: If my institution already has a BIC for cross-border transactions, is an additional domestic BIC required? To find out more download our FAQ here.

Network components:

•    Multi-Vendor Secure IP Network (MVSIPN) Virtual Network Provider applicance - The SWIFT India channel comprises of a private Virtual Private Network (VPN). Customers can connect to this network using three authorised SWIFT Network Partners. These are AT&T, BT and Orange.

Security components:

•    Hardware security module - A tamper-resistant hardware device within which the user generates and stores its SWIFTNet Public Key Infrastructure private keys. The HSM performs cryptographic operations such as signing the data that is sent over SWIFTNet.



•    Alliance Gateway - The connectivity product that provides centralised, automated, and high-throughput integration with different in-house applications and service-specific interfaces. SWIFT SC has designed Alliance Gateway to enable customers to concentrate the flow of messages between SWIFTNet and remote financial applications over IP or IBM WebSphere MQ.

•    Alliance Access - The prime messaging interface. Alliance Access is designed to connect business applications to SWIFT India messaging services. Alliance Access is a multi-platform interface that enables customers to connect single or multiple destinations to SWIFT India with maximum automation of system management tasks.

•    Integration Platform - A SWIFT-specific integration layer that connects business applications with messaging services through Alliance Access and Alliance Entry, and integrates the flow of business transactions with solutions. Alliance Integrator provides a configurable framework for automated message processing, file processing, and collaborations that support Solutions. All standards and formats available on SWIFTNet are supported (that is, MT, MX, FpML, and AnyXML, and FileAct). Alliance Integrator is offered as an add-on to Alliance Access and to Alliance Entry.

•    Advanced Messaging Hub - A single integration platform for global financial institutions looking to rationalize their messaging infrastructure across networks and, at the same time, introduce new products and services to the market in a faster and more cost-effective way. Tailored to an individual customer's needs and integrated with a company's existing infrastructure, AMH provides a scalable investment, from low-barrier entry projects to high-volume messaging needs.


•    Business and integration consulting - SWIFT Consulting Services provide you with direct access to SWIFT experts who can help you optimise your business processes, identify best-practice enhancements for your SWIFT infrastructure, speed up your SWIFT integration projects, and reduce your total cost of ownership. SWIFT experts can assist in every phase of your SWIFT related projects: from the initial assessment of the business processes, to the design of the supporting infrastructure, all the way to the implementation and maintenance of the solution. SWIFT provides Consulting Services in five areas: Business Operations Consulting, Technical Consulting, Integration, Field Services, and Project Management.




•    Community Support - The support service level that is provided free of charge to SWIFT India customers.

•    Advanced Support and Care - First level of additional, optional support. Premium support is designed for medium-size customers that operate business-critical infrastructures and must recover operations in the shortest possible time frames.

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