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Legal documents are available for download in the Resource Centre here.

General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions constitute the main set of SWIFT INDIA standard terms and conditions for the provision and the use of SWIFT INDIA services and products. They apply each time the electronic form or contract executed by the customer refers to the SWIFT INDIA General Terms and Conditions.

In particular, these General Terms and Conditions provide information about the conditions of use of the SWIFT INDIA services and products, the rights and obligations of the parties, including the duration and the conditions to terminate, their liability, the claim process, and applicable law and jurisdiction. 

Consulting Terms and Conditions

These Consulting Terms and Conditions set the terms and conditions for the provision and the governing the provision of professional services by SWIFT India, for implementation and integration of SWIFT SC products and interfaces. They apply each time the electronic form , Service Order Form or contract executed by the customer refers to the SWIFT INDIA Consulting Terms and Conditions.

About SWIFT India

SWIFT India is a joint venture established under Indian law between public and private sector Indian banks and SWIFT SC, a community-based co-operative, founded by and for the financial services industry globally and headquartered in Belgium. SWIFT India is headquartered in Mumbai.

The object of SWIFT India is to provide domestic financial messaging services in India and related products and services based on proprietary technology used by SWIFT SC and its affiliates.

Becoming a SWIFT India customer

SWIFT INDIA provides services and products only to duly registered customers (“Customer”).  To join SWIFT INDIA and become SWIFT INDIA Customers, an applicant must execute a SWIFT India Undertaking. The Corporate Rules govern registration and admission status of the SWIFT INDIA customers.

A common contractual framework to order and use SWIFT India services and products

SWIFT INDIA offers services and products to all Customers on a common contractual basis. It ensures, for example, that the sender and receiver of a SWIFT INDIA message are treated equally in all material respects.

SWIFT INDIA periodically reviews Customer requests to change SWIFT INDIA terms and conditions. Rather than executing ad hoc amendments with individual Customers, SWIFT INDIA will include acceptable changes in the next version of its standard terms and conditions for all Customers.

The General Terms and Conditions apply to most SWIFT INDIA services and products, including:

  • Domestic messaging
  • Support services

The General Terms and Conditions include by reference the following documents:

  • SWIFT INDIA policy on Customer Data Confidentiality and Protection
  • SWIFT INDIA service descriptions
  • SWIFT INDIA pricing and invoicing documentation

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